Who We Are


Meet Ariel

I am a Chilean businessman and teacher. I was born in Santiago and after dropping out of Architecture School, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to take on my main passion in life: learning about the nature of life and helping people spiritually.

I became a sought-after teacher and community leader both in the US and Latin America and was guiding people as a spiritual counselor and teaching in communities all over the world for many years.

During this 14-year journey, I nourished my passion for people and my commitment to being a force of good by offering honest, unbiased, agenda-free guidance to others. When my first son Abraham was born, I decided to take a Sabbatical year to fully experience being a dad and at the end of that year, decided to move to Puerto Vallarta and began my first endeavor in the for-profit world working on the development of renown condominium, Pier 57, then developed The Colonial, a feng-shui designed complex in Downtown PV.

Ariel Grunwald
Ariel Grunwald and Family

In this process, I realized clearly that his passion for real estate was much more about people than it was about bricks and decided to become a real estate agent and master broker and has been assisting clients since 2018 when I opened Vallarta Luxury and acquired my master brokerage license from AMPI, the Mexican Real Estate Association.

I live In Puerto Vallarta with my wife Vanessa, my kids, Abraham and David, and my beloved 4-legged friend, Kimi.


Meet Kash

I am an Indian computer engineer and businessman, most of my career was based on the big tech and startup industry in the US and Canada. And after years of hard work, decided to enter the real estate market as an investor.

Becoming an investor was so exciting for me that it became my primary business until I decided to retire in Vallarta in 2016.

As I was flirting with the idea of living in Mexico full time and trying to figure out what did ¨early retirement¨ meant to me, I found a new passion for hospitality and after a fear years of renting my own properties, neighbors and friends began to ask me to manage their properties as well, this led me to open CasaHill Properties in 2017 and grew it to a portfolio of over 50 successful vacation rental units.

Kash Vaswani
Kash Vaswani with Cheddar and Brie

My eagerness to help my clients led me to get involved in buying and selling transactions and I found myself in the most exciting industry yet, helping people buy/sell real estate.

I live in Puerto Vallarta with my fiancee Grecia and my two doggies, Cheddar and Brie. My teenage children are still finishing their studies in Ottawa, Canada, and love visiting us every chance they get.


Meet Mariana

Lic. Mariana Mascota, originaria de la Ciudad de México egresada de la universidad Univa de Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco como licenciado en derecho.

Actualmente se desarrolla y especializa como Abogada en el área legal inmobiliario como coordinador jurídico brindando todo tipo de consultoria, asesoramiento y acompañamiento a los agentes de bienes raíces, dueños de propiedades y/o inversionistas o desarrolladores en el proceso de compra- venta de inmuebles de manera personalizada en la coordinación de cierres.

Mariana Mascota
Mariana Mascota

Altamente capacitada en el acompañamiento la integración de expedientes jurídico-notarial así como la elaboración de proyectos de Escrituras Públicas traslativas de dominio para adquirentes extranjeros y adquirentes mexicanos, así como transmitentes extranjeros y mexicanos, elaboración de poderes notariales ante notarios mexicanos y para aquellos que se encuentran en el extranjero.

Su misión es dar la mejor atención de manera personalizada al cliente, asesorarlo legal y notarialmente acompañándolo en el proceso desde la elaboración o revisión de ofertas, hasta la firma de escritura asistiendo y preveniendo de cualquier eventualidad cumpliendo con los requisitos legales.